I am penetrating more and more into the compressed magic of the universe”
Salvador Dali

Artist Statement
It is difficult finding words to describe my work, my particular vision. Photographic images are my language, the form or container that allows
my dive into the well of inspiration. My work is about initiation, transformation,the beauty of Soul, and the desires of Spirit. My creative process is ecstatic, shamanic, and alchemical as outer meets inner fire and something new is born

I push film to its limits, not being contained within my medium but expanding upon it. With the use of elemental forces such as fire and water or alternative and multiple artistic means I explore the capabilities of film to absorb and transmute energy.

For me, the camera is a shamanic gateway that allows my journey into the essential. As I experience and seek to understand the beauty, mysteries, and shadow aspects of life, my art is a visual history of the journey. I offer my work to you as a meditation upon your own travels.

Michele Dugan

http://www.micheledugan.com/– Fine Art
:http://www.duganphoto.com/- Commercial Photography




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